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Concept and place are essential to Component's work.  A cultural reference flipped on its head will fit seamlessly into its location.    Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett stands guard on Ponsonby Road.  A girl tests the water next to a barrel of oil on a harbour sea wall.  They are striking images, painted with contrast, clarity and thought.

Born and raised in Grey Lynn, component taught himself the art of stencilling. The street was his canvas, his means for critiquing society.  Cut Collective collaborations and a shared studio on K Road led to his role as curator of the street art website, streetarse.co.nz.  Despite his community focus, his work has been seen throughout New Zealand.  Shows such as Picture Perfect in a World of Chaos at Silo Park in 2012 stand out alongside exhibitions at The Dowse, Auckland City Gallery, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Parnell's Webb Gallery.   

While Grey Lynn has gentrified, component's sense of place remains integral to his work.  From spray-painting city walls to working with canvas for the country's most prestigious galleries, component is traveling a journey that brings colour and consideration to the streets and homes of Aoteaora.  Component was shaped by his environment.  Now he helps shape it.



Component Studio believes in creating Art -not ads, meaningful dialogue and engaging visual artworks that enable people to see their world in a different and fresh way.

With this ethos and a collaborative approach being the core elements of Component the artist’s vision, Component Studio came to life.

Drawing on the momentum established within his own art practice, he could draw upon this and create opportunities for a team of collaborators to deliver challenging, relevant ideas and quality execution for more varied and larger commercial installations.

Creativity can be more dynamic and robust with others around as we, as humans, are all connected, drawing on others strengths and skills can produce more successful results than an individual.

We are constantly looking to achieve this, whether canvas works or entire building art projects, static digital composites to augmented reality public pieces using
the latest technology. Component Studios creates and delivers art with authority and authenticity.

With the BNZ Terrace we also had the opportunity to deliver this, helping to transform this classic office building into an exciting visual journey that provides the staff and visitors an inspiring environment with which to exist & work within Component Studios hope that this inspiration encourages a positive and productive work environment, but also sprinkles a little magic to everyday life.

Project - BNZ The Terrace Project - Art can really make a place a home.

collaboration work with - Ithink Design + Z1

It can transform the ordinary to extraordinary, bring out the unique elements of a space, SPARK CREATIVE IDEAS and enhance working rhythms. At BNZ The Terrace, Wellington (the new ‘home’ for the digital, technology, products and portfolio delivery teams), the brief was to create a modern, inspiring and fresh space, incorporating the unique culture of BNZ Wellington. We loved the idea of featuring the boundless character of WELLINGTON’S WILD WIND (TAWHIRIMATEA) as the main conceptual vehicle in this project.It offered so many possibilities in form & style and could operate as the OVERSEER of all components & compositions within the work.It also offered some exciting site specific possibilities; which direction the PREVAILING WIND (predominantly Northerly) blows across the building and the walls within the building.The use of wind as a concept also introduced multiple different possible creative directions, as the wind becomes the common factor that also connects all of the following graphic elements:



Grey Lynn - Life's a lottery 2014

Grey Lynn - Life's a lottery 2014