BNZ The Terrace Project - Art can really make a place a home.
It can transform the ordinary to extraordinary, bring out the unique elements of a space, SPARK CREATIVE IDEAS and enhance working rhythms. At BNZ The Terrace, Wellington (the new ‘home’ for the digital, technology, products and portfolio delivery teams), the brief was to create a modern, inspiring and fresh space, incorporating the unique culture of BNZ Wellington. We loved the idea of featuring the boundless character of WELLINGTON’S WILD WIND (TAWHIRIMATEA) as the main conceptual vehicle in this project.It offered so many possibilities in form & style and could operate as the OVERSEER of all components & compositions within the work.It also offered some exciting site specific possibilities; which direction the PREVAILING WIND (predominantly Northerly) blows across the building and the walls within the building.The use of wind as a concept also introduced multiple different possible creative directions, as the wind becomes the common factor that also connects all of the following graphic elements:

collaboration work with - Ithink Design + Z1